Cheap Florida Auto Insurance

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How to get Cheap Florida Auto Insurance

There are advertisements for “cheap” auto insurance all over Florida.  How do you know which are really the cheapest and which ones are not?  Well, it takes a bit of investigating but anyone can find out which insurance company’s rates are really the cheapest.  You see, it doesn’t cost any money to get a quote from a Florida auto insurance company.  Grab a pen and paper, and gear up your Internet service.  If you still have a phone book, get that out, too. Or, you can save time and visit this website for more information.

Cheap Florida Auto Insurance at your Fingertips

Write down the names of all the insurance companies you know with the help of the internet and a phone book.  You’ll be comparing rates from these various companies so it helps to write them down line by line with the comparison quote.  Know how much insurance you’ll be getting.  Will you get liability only or liability plus collision?  Your answer makes a big difference in the quote you’ll get as collision coverage is much more expensive than just liability.

Know the dollar numbers of the various coverages you’ll be ordering.  These are the amount the insurance company will pay (the maximum) per accident or per person.  Most people choose the state minimum for their state but if you are worried about paying too much for an accident, then increase the amount of coverage you’ll get.  Be consistent when you call or log on to the quote sites so you can get a fair comparison.  You should also decide what kind of deductible you’re willing to pay.  Keep that consistent among the companies you are choosing from.

Using the Internet to get Cheap Florida Auto Insurance

The Internet can be your best friend when looking for Florida auto insurance rates.  Most insurance companies have an online website and many have online sites for getting insurance quotes like  This is a nice way to go because you don’t have to hang on the phone line with an insurance agent pressuring you to go with their company.  In the comfort of your own living room you can get on the computer and go to the websites of each and every company that has online quote sites.

Be prepared to give your personal information, including your social security number? Why your social security number?  Because they will be checking your credit score which will have a big impact on the actual price you’ll pay for auto insurance.  You need also to be prepared to give the Make and Model of your vehicle or vehicles.  You won’t need the VIN number yet but you will by the time you purchase the insurance so it doesn’t hurt to have it handy.

To make your insurance rates cheaper, look up your credit report and make sure there aren’t any errors on it.  Errors can wreck a person’s credit score and can raise your insurance rates.

When you’ve got all the Information

If you were consistent with what you wanted out of an insurance company, you can expect a solid variety of numbers.  Look closer at the company that was listed the cheapest and, if you like what you see, sign on to that company for the cheapest car insurance in Florida according to