Cheap Florida Auto Insurance

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How to get Cheap Florida Auto Insurance

There are advertisements for “cheap” auto insurance all over Florida.  How do you know which are really the cheapest and which ones are not?  Well, it takes a bit of investigating but anyone can find out which insurance company’s rates are really the cheapest.  You see, it doesn’t cost any money to get a quote from a Florida auto insurance company.  Grab a pen and paper, and gear up your Internet service.  If you still have a phone book, get that out, too. Or, you can save time and visit this website for more information.

Cheap Florida Auto Insurance at your Fingertips

Write down the names of all the insurance companies you know with the help of the internet and a phone book.  You’ll be comparing rates from these various companies so it helps to write them down line by line with the comparison quote.  Know how much insurance you’ll be getting.  Will you get liability only or liability plus collision?  Your answer makes a big difference in the quote you’ll get as collision coverage is much more expensive than just liability.

Know the dollar numbers of the various coverages you’ll be ordering.  These are the amount the insurance company will pay (the maximum) per accident or per person.  Most people choose the state minimum for their state but if you are worried about paying too much for an accident, then increase the amount of coverage you’ll get.  Be consistent when you call or log on to the quote sites so you can get a fair comparison.  You should also decide what kind of deductible you’re willing to pay.  Keep that consistent among the companies you are choosing from.

Using the Internet to get Cheap Florida Auto Insurance

The Internet can be your best friend when looking for Florida auto insurance rates.  Most insurance companies have an online website and many have online sites for getting insurance quotes like  This is a nice way to go because you don’t have to hang on the phone line with an insurance agent pressuring you to go with their company.  In the comfort of your own living room you can get on the computer and go to the websites of each and every company that has online quote sites.

Be prepared to give your personal information, including your social security number? Why your social security number?  Because they will be checking your credit score which will have a big impact on the actual price you’ll pay for auto insurance.  You need also to be prepared to give the Make and Model of your vehicle or vehicles.  You won’t need the VIN number yet but you will by the time you purchase the insurance so it doesn’t hurt to have it handy.

To make your insurance rates cheaper, look up your credit report and make sure there aren’t any errors on it.  Errors can wreck a person’s credit score and can raise your insurance rates.

When you’ve got all the Information

If you were consistent with what you wanted out of an insurance company, you can expect a solid variety of numbers.  Look closer at the company that was listed the cheapest and, if you like what you see, sign on to that company for the cheapest car insurance in Florida according to

Florida Boat Insurance

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Whether you’re out on the high seas or sitting in dry-dock, bad things can happen. And when they do, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve invested in boat insurance. You buy insurance for your car, for your home, and even for your loved ones. So, whether you have a 78 foot luxury yacht or a 14 foot aluminum fishing boat, insurance is a good idea for your boat as well.

Boat insurance from a company like can cover a wide variety of eventualities. Liability insurance covers expenses if someone gets injured or something gets damaged while on your boat. Collision insurance covers you if your boat hits another object, such as another boat. Uninsured boater insurance helps pay if the boat that ran into you doesn’t have its own insurance. And comprehensive insurance gives you coverage for a variety of eventualities, including vandalism, flooding (both on the water and from storms while your boat is on land), theft, capsizing, explosions, and other problems.

You can also purchase property insurance covers for your fishing equipment, which covers any gear you bring with you, including anchor, oars, fuel tanks, tools, furniture, dinghies, and fishing equipment. This gear is covered both while it’s on the boat, and while it’s being loaded on or off the vessel.

And remember: the need for insurance for your boat doesn’t end the moment you put it in dry dock for the winter. Even though the likelihood of sinking and boating accidents is significantly lower when you’re not taking your boat out on the water, things can still happen to it. In fact, according to recent figures from Progressive Insurance, two out 10 boating insurance claims in the northern states came in between Labor Day and Memorial Day, when very few people are on the water. These claims come from theft, vandalism, fire, and flooding. As well, even if your boat is on land, people board to do maintenance or for any other reason can still have accidents, which would leave you on the hook for liability. As with all insurance, you don’t need it until you need it, and the few bucks you would save by canceling your policy in winter time just isn’t worth the risk.

In addition, keeping your insurance during the off-season can actually save you money according to Many insurance companies reduce your deductible for every claim-free season. Because you are less likely to need to file a claim in winter, it can really help your record.

Insurance can be purchased through a regular insurance broker, or through a specialized boat insurance broker. There are a variety of policies from different insurance companies, depending on the type of boat and your type of activity on it. If your boat is 27 feet or longer, it’s considered a yacht and requires special yacht insurance. In general, the larger the craft, the more complex the insurance coverage it will require. For this reason, if your boat is large enough to require yacht insurance, it’s recommended that your find a boat insurance specialist.

Florida Motorcycle Insurance

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Owning and riding a motorcycle can be one of the most exhilarating and exciting parts of being alive while being much more interesting and cheaper to operate than a regular car or truck. And being that they’re fairly thin vehicles, it can be to your advantage when you’re caught in heavy traffic since you can simply go in-between other vehicles.

But something that’s especially important for a motorcycle is insurance. In the state of Florida, insurance is not mandatory, but it’s certainly highly recommended. According to, Florida motorcycle insurance can be somewhat higher than regular auto insurance, but this is due to the amount of risk associated with riding a two-wheel vehicle.

Is it required?

Ad mentioned, motorcycle insurance in Florida is not required, but it would be unwise to go without it. Accidents are much, much more likely to happen on a motorcycle, even if you’re an experienced rider. If you ever get into an accident, the outcome tends to be worse than regular automobiles.

This is why Florida motorcycle insurance, while not technically required, is definitely required in practice in order to protect yourself from the realities of the road. It’s something that you’ll be very thankful for as soon as you get into an accident.

Finding Insurance

It’s certainly not difficult to find insurance for your motorcycle. It’s mostly just doing a simple search on the Internet. Local Florida companies may or may not cover motorcycles, but the more popular nationally recognized companies will definitely offer policies for them.

For motorcycles, insurance might be somewhat pricey no matter which company you choose, but you still want to get the cheapest one possible that provides all the coverage you need while also having a solid reputation with its customers. Be sure to get quotes from as many companies as you can.

The Best Companies

Some of the most popular companies out there offer competitively-priced policies for motorcycles. The best way to find out which of those is right for you is to get price quotes from each of their websites or simply visit to get multiple florida motorcycle quotes online. Typically they will offer you the ability to get a quote for free; you only need to provide information on your motorcycle, your driving record, and your driver’s license. You should be able to get a quote in only a few minutes. Some of these companies many even allow you to apply for a policy completely online, which can save a lot of time and gas.

Other Thoughts

It has been mentioned already, but Florida motorcycle insurance is extremely important to have. Its importance cannot be overstated. As good as you might think you are when it comes to riding and controlling your two wheels, other people on the road might end up cramping your style in a very bad way. It’s something that you need to prepare for, even if the law doesn’t strictly call for motorcycle insurance. It’s about prioritizing your life over any pride or arrogance you might feel in how well you can ride.

About Mendota Insurance Company

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People who need insurance, for various reasons, typically have to search several resources before settling on a company that may suit their insurance needs. While that search might take a bit longer than some people would like, others often find success by consulting resources that recommend choice companies.

About Mendota Insurance Company

Many ‘choice’ insurance companies offer comparable and great rates on many insurance services, notably auto insurance. Auto insurance is especially a topic of concern for people who need insurance, as many drivers typically look for rates that are favorable for their living expenses. One insurance company that helps drivers meet that particular needs is Mendota Insurance Company.

Mendota Insurance Company has been known for selling auto insurance to drivers since 1989. They’re mainly known for their low rates on their available auto insurance policies, making them an ideal auto insurance company for drivers who may work well with their agents. You can visit to get a Mendota Insurance Quote.

Drivers who may be deemed high risk drivers and/or have incurred any auto-related felonies charges like DUIs or experienced a car accident may find favorable rates for their auto insurance policy at Mendota Insurance Company. These drivers may not be able to get better rates at other auto insurance companies.

Superior service

Many resources praise Mendota Insurance Company for providing ‘superior’ service that’s unseen at other comparable companies, especially when it comes to the insurance rates.

On an interesting note, Mendota Insurance Company is an insurance company that doesn’t take a driver’s driving history into consideration when generating an appropriate insurance rate. Instead, they offer several types of specialty insurance and actually provide insurance services for medium to high risk drivers.

Insurance plans

The company offers three types of vehicle-related insurance policies that are designed to meet the needs of any of their customers. These insurance policies include motorcycle insurance, auto insurance and recreational vehicle (RV) insurance.

For their auto insurance policy, Mendota Insurance Company offers several coverage options for customers, including Collision, Comprehensive, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists, Medical Payments and Personal Injury Protection.

Their auto insurance policy also provides coverage for liabilities (liability insurance) and other driver assistance services like roadside assistance.

Their recreational vehicle (RV) insurance policy also provides coverage options much like their auto insurance policies, though also include additional coverage options for replacing the RV itself. Mendota Insurance Company does offer motorcycle insurance with coverage options like their other insurance policies; it’s only available in Illinois, at this time, however.

Mendota Insurance Company also allows their customers to pay for their insurance policy with a wide variety of payment options. They accept payments by phone, credit card, phone, automatic instant transfers and even cash payments. Mendota keeps their customer service line option during any time of day and night, throughout each day of the year, unless specified. Get your Mendota Insurance Quote to start saving today.

Mendota Insurance Company is best known for helping medium to high risk drivers find the insurance policy they need to feel safe on the road. If you feel that you’re not ‘safe’ signing with a company that won’t give you a fair rate for your driving history, Mendota Insurance Company may be the insurance company you’re looking for.

Florida Renters Insurance

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If you rent your home, you may not think you need to worry about any type of insurance.  However, did you know that your landlord’s homeowner’s insurance does not cover any of your belongings in the home?  This is why it is so important for you to have Florida renters insurance to protect your assets in the event of a fire, flood, or a natural disaster.  Even though you may think you will never have to worry about a fire or other disaster affecting your home, if you live in an apartment building or other type of rental property that contains more than one unit, your home could be damaged as a result of another renters’ negligence.

What is Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance provides coverages that protect the things inside your home.  This can include your personal belongings, vehicles that may be in an attached garage, and other personal property that is located inside of your home.  There are several options available for renters insurance, and each one provides different types of coverage to protect you.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property Florida renters insurance from provides coverage for any of your personal belongings that are located on the property that you rent.  This coverage will generally include coverage for any guests or visitors of your property as well.  These types of coverages have varying amounts and limits, and there are also additional policy limits for items that are considered special, including computers and art collections.  Personal property insurance coverages will generally protect the following items:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Electronics
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Entertainment systems
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Purses
  • Wallets

When you choose one of these options, you will need to verify whether there is replacement cost coverage included.  If not, you will not receive the full value for your personal belongings.  Instead, the replacement value will be figured using the current market value, with the cost being lowered to include depreciation and wear and tear.  This means you will get less money towards replacing your lost items, whereas replacement cost coverage will provide you with the actual cost of replacing the items with brand new ones.

Uninhabitable Rental Coverage

Some policies may include, or allow the addition of policy coverages that will provide you with the funds you need for alternate housing if your current rental is uninhabitable due to a loss that is covered.  This coverage will provide protection for the cost of finding a place to stay, clothing, and food.  This coverage is often provided as reimbursements, so you will need to make sure that you keep all of the receipts for any of these items that you pay for out of your own pocket so you can be reimbursed properly.

Personal Liability Insurance

Florida tenants insurance from understanding-tenant-insurance-florida/ also includes personal liability insurance.  This type of insurance protects you from being required to pay out of pocket in the event that someone gets injured while on your property.  This coverage will protect your finances if someone falls, steps in a hole, or another similar incident.  This coverage will also help you if there is a lawsuit is filed against you due to an injury that is incurred on your property, even if it is a false or fraudulent claim.

Medical Payment Coverage

This coverage will help protect you by providing payments for medical care that is required due to an injury that occurs to someone that is not currently residing in your rental property with you.  This coverage will protect you if someone is injured by you, someone living with you, or by something on your rental property.


Most Florida renters insurance policies require a deductible.  A deductible is the amount of money that you will be required to pay out of pocket before the insurance actually kicks in to begin paying for your lost items.  If you choose a higher deductible for your policy, this will result in a lower monthly premium for your policy.  If you opt for a lower deductible, your monthly premiums will be higher, but you will have less out of pocket costs up front.  When you are choosing your deductible options, you need to make sure that you can actually afford the amount you choose so that you can be protected if something happens.

Florida renters insurance also provides you with protection in the event that something happens at your home while you are away.  If your rental home is damaged or destroyed due to a fire that is the result of bad wiring, a faulty appliance, or you accidentally leave something on that causes the fire, this coverage will still protect your assets so that you can recover from the loss much more quickly.

It has probably taken you many years to purchase all of the things you currently have in your home.  If something happens that destroys your rental, and everything in it, do you have the funds available to you right now to replace everything that is inside?  Most people would have to answer this question with a resounding “NO!”, and this is why you need renters insurance.

If you live in an area that is often hit by natural disasters such as hurricanes, you have an increased likelihood of something happening to your home.  In many cases, this can include massive water damage, which leads to mold and many other issues.  Even though your landlord probably has insurance on the actual structure, this does nothing to protect the things you yourself own.  When you take the initiative to purchase a good renters insurance policy, you will not have to be quite as affected by the devastation of losing all of your belongings.

Even though you may have lived in a rental for years without incident, the threat of something happening is always there.  If you truly want to protect your family, personal belongings, and your finances, you should take the initiative now to secure a good Florida renters insurance policy.

Where to get Florida renters insurance

There are several ways to go about getting a good renters insurance policy. One way is to simply call all the various insurance companies to get a quote. You will be required to give them your personal information as well as answer some basic questions about the property you are renting. An easier way is to visit an online site like that specializes in giving you quotes from dozens of different insurance providers. This way you are saving time and are always going to get the best deal because they are doing all the shopping work for you.